After recognizing the growing need for natural flavors, as well as the fact that with
each new year approaches to electronic smoking become more and more diverse, in
2018 ELFBAR focused its efforts on developing innovative products with a smart
heating system. The ultimate goal is to provide its users with better flavors as well
as better pleasure during “vaping”, where the keywords guiding the brand are
pleasure, reliability and an enriched experience. After hundreds of experiments, a
product with the highest-quality components that ensure an extremely clean flavor
and a user-oriented design that meets the requirements of our clients was developed.

Each vape brings a unique pleasure

Company’s strategy

ELFBAR is passionately dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience through creative smart solutions, e-liquid technology and efficient distribution. The key objective is to use the unique ability to design and develop our own heating coils, activators and e-liquids in order to provide our clients with unique experiences in the world of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and services provided by the brand in general. Orientation towards people, inspiring flavors and innovative design make ELFBAR a leader in the industry.

Product philosophy

ELFBAR insists on the continuous preservation of quality and safety of raw materials. Thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients, their formulas guarantee richness and fullness of flavor. A deep analysis of the experience and human perception of "vaping" is key to achieving the ultimate feeling and flavor.

The unique product design has encouraged ELFBAR to put user experiences at the center and to support this philosophy in all products. It is a brand that uses industry-leading components and also believes that outstanding components alone are not enough to create industry-leading products. What really makes ELFBAR so special is the exclusive hardware customization technology, which makes the product and brand unique and incomparable.

Sales manager - consumer electronics:

Jasminka Vidaković


+385 91 620 9112

Manager of sales representatives:

Alen Hnatek


+385 91 2000 753