Repair center

Bijelić Co repair center is authorized to repair Xiaomi devices.
It has all the necessary equipment, as well as professional and reliable repairers.

Pick up & return application

In order to make it easier for our users to repair their devices and thus save their time, we have provided the Pickup & Return web application, by means of which it is possible to easily and quickly order device repair and delivery from home or company to our Repair Center with a guaranteed return to the designated address.

Device repair

The average duration of repairs is up to 35 working days, depending on the diagnostics, malfunction, device model, the necessary complaint procedure and the order of spare parts from the manufacturer. A notification about the completed repair of the device is sent to the e-mail address and the payment method is agreed upon.
The device is returned in the same way it was delivered to the Repair Center.

The devices may be picked up in person only with the presentation of the Service Order which is delivered to the e-mail address!

For all technical questions and requests for offers that you want to direct to our technicians, please send your inquiry to the e-mail address

Price list and general terms and conditions of the Repair Center:

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Diagnostics and cost estimates

Our repair technicians shall carry out diagnostics within 15 working days from the date of delivery of the device. If it is a non-warranty repair, a cost estimate of the repair service is sent to the e-mail address with a request that the user confirms whether they accept the submitted offer with the cost of the repair service so that the process of repairing the device may be started.

Repair status check

Once the device has arrived at the Repair Center, the user shall have constant insight into the repair process and current information on the status of diagnostics and repairs through the Repair Status Check application 24/7. At any time, all the currently updated details on the performed fault diagnosis, as well as all the necessary additional information shall be displayed. We also send all important status changes to clients via e-mail.

You can also contact us by phone for additional information but considering
that our team is working hard on device repairs, unfortunately, they are not
always able to answer all phone calls. Therefore, we refer our users to our Repair Status Check web application to check the status and comments of our technicians regarding the repair of the device.

Our team is always doing their best to be at your disposal and to reply to all inquiries!